Virtual Event Marketing

Are you all set for the event? Let’s now create the hype for your event, Take your event to the world stage with us, and together we can make the event bigger than we have imagined. Explore various features to promote your event in front of the right audience.

Top Features of the NinjaFair's Virtual Event Marketing


Greet your audience with a trustworthy domain that is easy to remember. Customize your URL as per your requirement.

Custom Landing Page

Take your audience through an expressive journey at your landing page select from a wide range of templates and modify them as per your requirements.


Expand your visibility by introducing multi-lingual content to your audience to help get along your exhibits more expressively.

Cross- platform

NinjaFair enables users to access events and exhibitions through the device of their preference. An all-inclusive and adaptable platform for you, by you.


Don't let your target audience miss out on your event and information related to your event. Send customized e-mails to your targeted audience for higher conversions.


Do you already have a list of the people you want to showcase your event too? Import your list and send exclusive invites to join you as you take them through a mesmerizing 3D experience.

Stay Informed

We at ninjaFair keep your audience informed about all the latest developments related to your event and exhibits: plan and schedule important updates and alerts for your prospective audience.

Automated campaigns

Understand your audience's behavior, schedule your e-mails and engage with your audience at the right time.

Virtual Event Marketing
Capture every moment by using the best virtual platform