Real Time Analytics

NinjaFair enables the exclusivity to track the real-time metrics for organizers and exhibitors

Real-time analytics introduces new possibilities for economic development, where exhibitors or organizers can highlight and promote the most promising products. Explore impactful insights with NinjaFair and never let an opportunity to solve and enhance user experience seize.

Real Time Analytics Features

Navigating users

NinjaFair's real-time analytics enable organizers and exhibitors to steer the attendees in the right direction and provide insights into the heatmap of the event opening up the possibility of real-time floor improvements and modifications. 

Apt Implementations

Real-time insights on user behavior allow organizers a better scope of constructive sponsorship developments. Exhibitors can also improve on their product implementations. These Apt Implementations made through real-time analytics also enable the user to experience an engaging virtual exhibition.

Faster & Better

As an exhibitor or organizer, wouldn't you want to make the user experience more time effective and efficient? With NinjaFair's real-time analytics, users can be guided to the right Exhibitor, activity, or product, resulting in an efficient virtual experience for organizers, exhibitors, and attendees. 

Alpha/Beta Testing

Alpha/Beta testing is based on analytics and performance reviews. Real-time analytics to provide insights on consumer behavior opens up a new way of presenting and funneling the customers through your exhibit

User Experience

Real-time analytics enables you to have a look at the insights like a heatmap of the exhibition, most visited booth or most visited products which help the organizers and exhibitors plan and implement changes to their existing strategies according to the user behaviour and pushes the user to have a more enriched experience.

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