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Exhibit Booth that aren't just virtual

Want to generate extraordinary leads, offer a miraculous service, and create an interactive and easily navigable virtual exhibit booth. Our services offer virtual meeting rooms that are not immersive but also develop a feel of a real meeting. 

virtual Exhibit Booth Features

3D Virtual Booth

Virtual Exhibit Booth features a lobby where an online event organizer can appear and welcome attendees to Large Booth, Small Booth, and Medium Booth, virtual booths of different sizes. The organizer's package includes all kinds of booths. If the Exhibitor purchases a package above the threshold amount, he will get the featured booth for free.

Augmented Reality

The "AR View" introduces the world of Augmented Reality to the users. Here, attendees can experience rudimentary interaction through the exhibitor booth by clicking on the product. AR creates an environment where virtual products are perceived as tangible products. A Product can be observed on smart devices like mobile and tablets by a QR code. The exhibitor's booth showcases a 3D model of products along with additional product information like documents, images & videos.

Document Introduce

In an exhibitor booth, it is common for exhibitors to share files with attendees during Events, such as documents, pictures, or videos. The Virtual Exhibit Booth by Ninjafair enables exhibitors to upload documents, and all attendees can download them as and when required. It is also possible to share Excel sheets via the exhibit booth when statistics need to be shared.

Easy Navigation

It is easy to navigate the platform from the hall, one booth to another. The navigation interface has been designed to access the list of all the booths easily, and with an easy click, you can visit the required booth, which will help save your time.

Our Networking

Our networking rooms are something that no other virtual meeting platform offers. Virtual networking and chat features allow exhibitors and attendees to develop connections and relationships at events. The platform can be used for networking, just like any social media platform.

Live Chat Booths

Live Chat Bot is the receptionist of your platform. It answers the queries of attendees via autmated replies. You can take control of chat bot anytime and chat with attendees when you choose to be online.

Seamless Booking

The Advance Calendar functionality enables you to keep a track and record of every important date. If you miss a meeting, then you can reschedule it in future. The Calendar booking system for attendees enables attendees to make a virtual meeting appointment with exhibitors or speakers based on their available slots.

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