virtual Environment

A Virtual Environment

that instantly engages


In our virtual halls, attendees need not worry about their geographic location since any attendee can join the online event from their home. This saves the hall preparation costs of organizers and the travel costs of attendees

virtual Environment Features

3D designs

A new 3D virtual environment brings your attendees into an immersive, interactive world. Personalised with your brand and marketing collateral, realistic 3D design bring your virtual environment to life

Personalise setting

Easily transition your audience to the virtual platform by strengthening your branding by imitating your actual venues with our team.

Captivated Spaces

We help you to create a unique and memorable experience for your attendees, enabling them to network, meet face-to-face, and collaborate on projects in an informal environment.


At the age of a busy lifestyle, the Reminder feature will help you never forget the very important leads. Encourage your attendee to complete the task and be active throughout the session

Networking Room

A Virtual Networking Room is an online conference room where attendees can connect via video or audio conferencing to exchange views. The networking room is for all, whether it is organizer, attendee, or Exhibitor. Everyone can interact or pass any information to each other in our 3D networking room.


Engaging your audience is best achieved through quizzes, document downloads, excellent participation, attending webinars, or showing interest in upcoming webinars. Visitors can receive rewards for document downloads, watching a video, or joining a webinar. After earning the most points, the guests will receive prizes! Visitors can be rewarded for downloading documents, watching videos, or joining webinars on the leaderboard.

Help Desk

We will be there to assist the attendees or exhibitors throughout the entire event whenever they need assistance.

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