Ninja Fair Mobile App

We're here to bestow flawless experience of Virtual events.

NinjaFair’s mobile application is the associate that takes you through the virtual event catering to all your ideas, questions, and requirements. 

Ninja Fair Mobile App Features

Effortless Interface

NinjaFair believes in providing integrated virtual event et exposure, enhancing the virtual event to be livelier and more empathetic. NinjaFair take connectivity integration to the next level by syncing messages and dispensing seamless navigation through an array of accessible features.

User Onboarding

We know getting along with a new interface can be challenging, and registering on the platform can be a complex process. NinjaFair eliminates the prolonged registration process with a simplified and descriptive registration process for users.

Unified Home

NinjaFair offers a unified homepage for its users where all the key features ranging from navigation to upcoming events are enumerated at the homepage.

Making Reservations

NinjaFair keeps an eye on every exclusive event so it doesn't slip from your radar! We ensure your event bookings are well managed and taken care of

Leave behind FOMO!

We ensure you are always informed, syncing all your notifications in one place, including events in a calendar with detailed insights of the exhibition or event, and listing them out for you in order of their respective duration and information. 

My Event Briefing at ease

A long line-up of events can confuse you about the intent of the event. Do not worry NinjaFair has got your back! We have all your event briefs lined up to ensure you are all prepared to be your best at an event 

Looking for something?

We have thought about everything that you might need while exploring the new normal of virtual events through NinjaFair, and once in a while, you would want to search for a specific event or functionality. Well, why don’t you explore search to find what you are looking for?   


Exhibitor Docket

Do you want to know how many exhibitors are participating in the event? We at NinjaFair have thought about all your requirements and they’ll always be looked after. Explore the Exhibitor docket to learn everything about the exhibitor.

Featuring Products

Access the AR view of a product through NinjaFair's QR code scanner. Do you like what you see and want to know more about the product? Exhibitors and organizers can list down the specification of the products or events to help users with a smooth and flawless exhibition experience. 

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