AR View

The Augmented Reality view adds a new dimension to online products.

The world has been experiencing virtual reality, but with NinjaFair’s AR view, which seamlessly integrates the user’s environment in real-time, unlike what’s currently offered by Virtual Reality.

AR View Features

First & Best in Class

NinjaFair's AR view is not only the first but the only platform to develop and integrate AR, enabling the exhibitors to add a new dimension and method of product presentation. The users can now look at the 360 views of a product and also experience the product in their environment.

Beyond Imagination

NinjaFair's AR view breaks down the fourth wall that has been pushed to users by using virtual reality. Now no more dependability on users' imagination to picture the product in their environment, NinjaFair's AR view brings the product close to the user's reality. Introducing the product to the user's environment with an AR view helps users to make more informed and practical decisions.

Accessing AR view

NinjaFair's AR view is not restricted to a specific device. It can be accessed with any smart device by scanning a QR code via smartphone or tablet.

Stack-up sales

The probability of users making a decision is more likely when they are sure about the product's practicality, useability, and visibility in their environment. NinjaFair enables exhibitors to link their product pages, shops or websites with the product's AR view, which gives users a chance to directly explore the Exhibitor's website or shop with a single click where users can move ahead with the purchase of the product.

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