Hybrid Events

Organize a robust event and management platform to design hybrid events
Let’s make your events more engaging, efficient, and profitable. A stunning hybrid events platform offers an integrated and seamless experience for your in-person, remote, and on-the-go attendees.

Hybrid Events Features

Ninjafair Event Registration

Our robust platform makes it easy for you to do your registration and create a buzz around your event.
Instant registration, ticket selection, ticket purchase, and badge printing are all available for visitors. This feature has the biggest advantage of 100% online registration through NinjaFair Event Mobile App.

Utilizing QR codes on mobile devices, we introduce zero-touch registrations. In addition to onsite registration, our platform supports virtual registration as well. A QR code will automatically be sent to their email confirmation when buyers register.

Analyze your in-person and virtual attendees' data in one place with NinjaFair's centralized registration.

Nijafair Mobile Event Apps

A customizable and user-friendly event application connects and engages your in-person and virtual attendees. From On-site Visitors Checkin Using QR code, Map of Exhibitors, Exchange of Business Information, Booth Check-in, and Exchange of Business Cards (Contactless), the NinjaFairs mobile event app offers it all.

Virtual Extension for your Hybrid Fairs

A stunning 3D design model creates a real-world experience for your virtual attendees. Branding & product promotions are much easier now with the multi-halls exhibition. Display multiple 3D objects/product previews in the form of product boards and link out to landing pages to generate sales. Assign various halls for numerous exhibitors.

Streamline Lead Collection with Custom Integrations

Exhibitors can access all the buyer information and activities on a single dashboard. These include onsite checking-in, booth checking-in, exchanging business cards, watching videos, and downloading documents.

Exhibitors can collect event data even easier with integrations. The smart integrations allow exhibitors to download all data instantly and move it to their own CRM, without the need to wait 3-5 days for it to be uploaded.

All Real-time Reports

Keep track of all check-in information for both onsite and virtual audiences. Data can be exchanged seamlessly between onsite and virtual environments in highly secure environments.

Capture all the relevant insights and analytics in real time. Track onsite and virtual fair performance with well-defined event KPIs. Get exclusive buyer activity reports. A variety of report formats can be exported from the exhibitor control panel.

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