Chat and Networking

NinjaFair bridges the gap between Organizer, Exhibitor, and Attendee.  

NinjaFair’s Chat & Networking feature unveils new opportunities to connect and expand with like-minded people through the redefined unification of the next-gen technological advancements and a vast array of sub-features offered.  

Chat and Networking Features

Pre-eminent Live Connect

A vital sub-feature of NinjaFair is that it allows you to build connections and associate with companies and individuals through chat. A Live aide as a chat box hovers across the event with the users.  

Attendee-Exhibitor Matchmaking

Present attendees with questionnaires. Let attendees answer them, and we'll connect them directly with you.  

Virtual Networking Rooms

NinjaFair redefines the user experience. NinjaFair takes audio/video connectivity to virtual connectivity, enabling exhibitors and attendees to interact with one another through virtual conference rooms like environments.  

One-on-One Connect

Worried about losing potential leads? NinjaFair enables exhibitors and attendees to connect through chat and audio/video calls. Exhibitors and Admins can conduct multiple chats to resolve users' queries or host a one-on-one audio/video call to debate possibilities and ideas. 

Engage with Exhibitors

Liking the Exhibit already? NinjaFair lets attendees book an appointment with exhibitors through the scheduling calendar available on the exhibit booths; exhibitors, too, can connect with attendees.  

Brainstorming Roundtables

NinjaFair enables exhibitors to host roundtable conferences to solve and discuss new ideas in closed groups. Talk, interact and solve a problem together.  

Networking Lobby

NinjaFair allows organizers, exhibitors, and attendees to explore the event with a sense of reality. Exclusive lobby and interactive spaces for like-minded minds to interact and explore. A virtual gallery to glance at and initiate a conversation with users attending the event. 

Prioritizing Lead Building

You can increase your chances of getting new leads by providing an enhanced user experience. NinjaFair enables exhibitors to filter leads and make the lead-building exercise more effective and efficient. With our stunning features, you can separate the potential leads based on hot, best, and so on.  

Voice of God

NinjaFair believes in empowering organizers as much as exhibitors and attendees. Organizers can seize all activities of the events to share an audio or video message, licensing them to all the considerations in the event. 

Ice - breaker

We at NinjaFair believe in having open and close conversations and introducing public & private chat rooms. Public chat rooms are open forums for people to look at previous conversations and participate, whereas private conversations are kept secured between users and exhibitors.  


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