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If you’re tired of virtual meetings, check out ninjaFairs. Let our interactive webinars provide a valuable experience for your audience.

Webinar Features

Realistic 3D design

Like any Virtual Auditorium, our 3-D auditorium consists of an organizer seat and some participant seats. Organizers can design different 3-D auditoriums based on the event theme using one of the available 3-D templates. Auditoriums created from our templates appear so realistic that event participants can move around as if they were in a real auditorium.

Options for presentations

Attendees and exhibitors can choose between live, semi-live, and pre-recorded webinars to enhance their experience.

Webinar agendas are customized for each participant

Selecting or limiting notifications for your attendees to their favorite webinars and sessions makes it easy for them to keep up with what they are interested in.

Video Conferencing Platforms

Virtual conferences eliminate geographical limitations. Through online conferences, information can be shared with a truly global audience without the inconvenience, and it eliminates the travel time of participants to the venue where the organizer is. 

Live Poll

The organizer can organize LIVE POLL to obtain live feedback and instant results for the events they have organized.


 An organizer can interact with participants and take questions. This makes participants feel valued and gives the organizer first-hand knowledge about what participants like or dislike about their event.


Quiz activity makes the event entertaining. Online quiz by organizer via the Ninjafair webinar system enables multiple participants to participate in the quiz and share answers. 

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