Event Gamification

Increase the engagement of your real-world audience in the virtual world
Our virtual event gamification features can not only drive more attendees to important areas of your event, but also encourage them to stick around.

Gamification Features

leader board

During the event, participants can earn points for completing certain activities. Visitors will receive rewards for downloading a document, watching a video, or joining a webinar. The guests with the most points will, after that, receive rewards! Anything is allowed on the leaderboard.

Live Polling

Live Polling is a feature that ensures an interactive gaming experience for you. You can utilize this feature to control the engagement of your attendees. Now it is easy for website admins to gather live feedback and opinion of attendees via brief questions. Not only they can generate leads based on attendees' interests, but they can also improve the evaluation response rates and exhibitor value.

Extraordinary Adventure

The experience will be an icebreaker in augmented reality, which they have never experienced. The stunning view will allow you to see the whole universe in one glance and solve a trivia question or two related to your organization.

Live Board

During webinars and conferences, there are going to be live polls where attendees to any online session can voice their opinion. Organizers of online events can solicit live feedback and opinion from their audience with simple polling questions whenever they want to.

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