Event Customization

Create the Perfect Event with NinjaFair Virtual Event Customization

Do you want to create an amazing virtual experience? The virtual event builder simplifies event setup, planning, and execution by giving you complete control.

Event Customization Features


Provide Zoom webinars to participants, give them the ability to plan their webinar agendas, and easily set up, semi-live or pre-recorded session

Customize your Events

You can customize the first-time event according to the exhibitor, including the Event name, photo, description, number of attendees, start and end dates, and packages.

AR View

Get your products in front of global delegates. You can make your products look as real as possible in the AR view, and your customers will be able to see the product in 3D before they make a purchase.

Virtual Environment

Create beautiful virtual lobbies, auditoriums, exhibit halls, and booths—an easy-to-use CMS system. You can add text, photos, banners, animations, and graphics.

Customize landing page

You can create a page that is unique to your brand. Include details on the event, sponsors, speakers,  agenda, etc. Use custom forms also to capture the registration information you require.

Document Hosting

Make your virtual event as interactive as possible by adding documents, videos, presentations, and other resources.

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